Corporate Responsibility

The Vizrt Group is built from over 750 creative and innovative minds from around the world, from 52 different nationalities. We are already leading the way in our industry as we recognize that as a company we need to build a future that is responsible for not just our business, but for our people, our customers, our communities and our planet.

We are committed to continuing to improve, and every day we endeavor to be better across these three focus areas:


As the Vizrt Group we look to provide our customers and partners with innovative, software-based solutions that will be placed into their production eco-systems for many years – sustainability is intrinsic to our products.

This innovation and creativity that we employ to find solutions that make our products sustainable is also harnessed to help make solutions for our business, our customers and our planet.

Sustainable Solutions for Today and Tomorrow Operational sustainability is good for our business, good for our customers and good for our people.
Innovation is the key to sustainability for our customers As a Group we aim to be future ready today, not only in our day-today work but also in our products. We continue to innovate and develop software solutions for our customers to help move away from hardware into a software-based future. Are you ready for the software-defined visual storytelling future?

Defining the future with SDVS (Software Defined Visual Storytelling)
Our Planet for Our People We recognize that our people are passionate about their environment and their planet, and as such we encourage employee-led initiatives that support this movement.

Corporate Responsibility

At the Vizrt Group we strive to be open and honest across all our communications, whether it’s customer commitments, reseller agreements, marketing or even our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

However, we recognize that we work and do business in parts of the world where communication, conditions and the environment can be complex.

In order to combat any discrepancies that may arise from these complex environments we have a strong roll of group-wide policies that we ask the business to adhere to, including; a Code of Ethics, compliance policy, whistleblowing policy, and trade sanctions manual amongst others.

This roll of governance documents are operating guidelines and controls that define how the Vizrt Group fulfills its responsibilities. They are designed to ensure the highest ethical business practices and to promote transparency, ensuring trust between the Group and its customers, board, management team, employees and the communities we operate in.

Our Community

The Vizrt Group employees over 750 people, in 30 offices worldwide; it is a people led business. We are built on innovation, creativity and expertise from our global workforce, and as such we recognize that a truly successful company can only be built when that workforce is diverse and engaged.

At the Vizrt Group we understand that investing in our employees means investing in our business, through this we create positive change.

Education Inspires Creativity and Innovation As we said, we are built on the creativity and innovation of our employees, we need the software developers and programmers of the future – so we are investing in them now.
Experts From All Walks of Life A diverse workforce is a strong workforce, at the Vizrt Group we have at the time of writing 52 different nationalities at the company. As a Group we encourage our CSR teams in each office to see how they can shine a light on women in software development and technology workforce, using our existing female software developers as role models we continually strive to encourage young women to consider this industry as one for them.
Corporate Social Responsibility We have a dedicated team of employees who are responsible for CSR initiatives at the Vizrt Group. With seven main offices around the world, we have initiatives that help the communities from each one.

Dec 17 2019
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